2C Roadway Improvements

2C Road Improvements

Paving Last week (week of June 10) crews finished paving the following sections of roadway. Street From... Read more
Paving Last week (week of June 3, 2019) crews finished paving work on: Street From To... Read more
The third year of 2C paving is nearly complete. So far, the five-year paving plan is ahead of schedule and under budget. Over the past three years,... Read more
The longest consecutive stretch of roadway to be paved in 2018 with 2C funding is now underway on N Carefree Circle. It will be paved in segments... Read more

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2C Cumulative Statistics (2016-Present)

  • Resurfaced 677.54 lane miles of roadway
  • Replaced 535,299 linear feet of curb and gutter (approximately 101 miles)
  • Replaced 1,427,864 square feet of sidewalk
  • Installed 3,647 new and retrofitted pedestrian ramps

Public Works Cone Zones

There’s a great way to keep track of what’s happening on the roads that you travel on the most.  Avoid backups with our Cone Zones map, or by using the Waze app on your smartphone.