Benefits & Wellness

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Total Rewards | Without ESS

Total Rewards | Without ESS

Compensation Philosophy

The compensation philosophy of the City of Colorado Springs is to be a governmental employer of choice. We do this in part, by attracting, retaining, and motivating qualified employees through the offering of the best overall whole career experience that includes total compensation generally competitive to our defined market, while recognizing our fiscal-responsibility, and being best-in-class stewards of our resources.

Benefit Program

One of the more important decisions you can make for yourself, your spouse, and/or dependents is your choice of benefits, which is part of the total compensation package.  The City of Colorado Springs provides a comprehensive and competitive benefit program.  We are proud to offer this extensive selection of benefits to meet the needs of our employees and their families.  Our benefits program is designed to provide you with quality offerings that promote wellness and health care accountability.  You decide which benefit offerings best meet your personal needs.

Our goals for creating and maintaining a healthy workforce focus on:

  • Offering comprehensive healthcare coverage.
  • Providing affordable and financially sustainable health and wellness options.
  • Helping employees be informed healthcare consumers by providing educational opportunities while emphasizing prevention and overall wellness.
  • Engaging employees in health and wellness programs that impact their overall health and quality of life.