Stormwater Review

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The City of Colorado Springs Stormwater Enterprise reviews and approves documents related to stormwater design and construction.  Examples of the types of documents the Stormwater Enterprise reviews, with links to checklists where available, are included below:

  • Drainage Report
  • Drainage Letter
  • Drainage Memo
  • Master Development Drainage Plan
  • GEC Plan
  • Channel Design Plan
  • Permanent Control Measure Plan
  • Drainage Plan/Profile

Documents are reviewed electronically using the City of Colorado Springs Stormwater Enterprise / Traffic / EDR Electronic Review System.  Review fees are charged for all projects requiring stormwater review.  Please reference the stormwater review fees website.  Project specific questions related to submittals required should be directed to the project Review Engineer.

Stormwater review statistics are posted below, and will be updated monthly: